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I approve.

I just found this community, and I love seeing everyone's pictures!

I'm Jewish, mostly Ashkenazi (Lithuanian/Romanian), with a bit of Sefardic (Greek/Spanish) in me as well. The Ashkenazi comes out in me much more than the Sefardi...but my sister is the opposite with very dark olive skin, black eyes, and black hair. In fact, people have asked us if we are even sisters because she is so much darker compared to me (and I'm pretty pale.) I have auburn hair, but in the sun, I almost look more like a red-head than a brunette, and my eyes are a very dark green with a bit of brown. Anyways, here's a picture of me!

This one's my favorite =)
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I was mid-sentance when my roomie took this one of me...haha...
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Big Smile!
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